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Chez Thierry, Nassau, Bahamas

Reward Programme

  When you are registered you automatically can benefit of our Reward Programme that is updated every month:  
  1. Win a prize: in the weekly drawing 2 Gold or Platinum customers win a prize (winners 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).  
  2. Registered Customers can get a 20%-discount on each 6-bottles mix as soon as they are registered in our system.  
  3. Become a Gold customer after $600.00 purchasing in 12 months and get a 20%-discount on each 2-bottles mix  
  4. Become a Platinum customer after $1800.00 purchasing in 12 months get a 20%-discount on each bottle  
  5. Gold and Platinum customers have specific discounts on cases of beer.  
  6. Platinum customers have exclusive access to trade prices and have special prices during promotions  
  7. Membership to groups such as Companies staff members and Clubs gives the advantages of Platinum customer  
  8. Each year all regular Gold or Platinum customers receive a Christmas gift.  

  The Wine Newsletters  
  1. The Platinum Wine Newsletter, is sent first which gives this group an advantage when items are in limited quantities  
  2. The Gold Wine Newsletter is usually send 3 days after the Platinum Wine Newsletter.  
  3. The Regular Wine Newsletter  is usually send 3 days after the Gold to the registered customers  
  4. Finally The Wine Newsletter is send after The Regular Wine Newsletter .  
  This agenda gives each group of registered customers the possibility to reserve the items available in limited quantities  

"Chez Thierry ltd" agent for Butler & Sands
on Cable Beach (corner of West Bay street & Skyline drive)
Nassau Bahamas