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Chez Thierry, Nassau, Bahamas

best joke June 2007

Jonesy buys a donkey from Ramsingh, an old farmer partner, for $300.
Ramsingh agrees to deliver the donkey the next day. Next day, Ramsingh drives up and said,

"Sorry Jonesy but I have some bad news. The donkey dead."

"Well gie me back meh money," said Jonesy.

"Worse news boy, I went an spend it already."
"OK, then. Just unload de donkey."

"Wha yuh go do wid him?" asked Ramsingh.

"You don worry, I go raffle him."

“You cyan raffle a dead donkey. You mad or what!"
"Who say so... you makin joke! Watch me! I ent telling nobody he dead," said Jonesy.


A month later Ramsingh bounce up on Jonesy in the market.
"Jonesy, wha happen wid yuh dead donkey boy?"

Jonesy replied, "Ah raffle him off nuh. Ah sell 500 tickets at five dollars and a rake in $2,500."

"Nobody eh mek moise?"

“Only de fella who win. So a gie him back he five dollars."